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Ibrox Vehicle Repairs & Diagnostics Ltd.

Ibrox Vehicle Repairs & Diagnostics Ltd.

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  Did you know it is illegal to handle the gas or let the gas from your air conditioning system into the atmosphere.
  We at Ibrox Vehicle Repairs have the proper handling certificates and equipment to repair your air conditioning system.
  As well as your basic regasing we have the equipment to carry out a pressure test on your air conditioning system so the harmful gases stay in your system.

  Does your air conditioning system have a damp musky smell when turned on this is caused by bacteria build up on your evaporator this can be cured with an odour treatment.

Air conditioning fixed price list

1. Regas £40.00
2. Service £60.00
3. Fully service £80.00 (includes odour control)*
4. Odour control £30.00*

*price excludes pollen filter if required
All prices exclude Vat

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