189 Broomloan Road, G51 2JE
Tel: 0141 445 2626

Ibrox Vehicle Repairs & Diagnostics Ltd.

Ibrox Vehicle Repairs & Diagnostics Ltd.

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Sat 10am-12.30pm

  Since block exemption you are not tied into the dealer network when it come to servicing your vehicle this means as long as you have your vehicle serviced in accordance with the manufacturers service schedule your warranty won't be affected.
  When repairing/servicing your vehicle we at Ibrox Vehicle Repairs only use quailty parts. In the case of servicing we prefer to use only dealer parts this may seem expensive but in most cases dealers parts prices are on a par with after market parts.


What we do

- Servicing
- Mechanical Repairs
- Auto electrics
- Tyres
- Exhausts
- Diagnostics
- Batteries
- Brakes
- Timing belts
- Wheel alignment
- Air conditioning
- Clutches
- Cooling systems

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